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The construction process requirements of rubber flooring are higher than PVC flooring.

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The construction of the rubber floor must be strictly in accordance with the construction instructions of the rubber floor manufacturer or the on-site guidance of the technicians of the factory.
The construction technology requirements of Haishite rubber flooring are more strict and more complicated than PVC plastic flooring. The strength of rubber flooring and the use of glue are much higher than PVC plastic flooring. Many customers think that PVC plastic flooring is paved. I feel that I can control the paving method of rubber flooring in hospitals, because the rubber flooring in the dimensional stability and the rubber sheet's use of the coil sheet is different from the ordinary PVC plastic floor. It is precisely because so many customers use paving PVC flooring to save the cost of paving the rubber floor. There is no problem at the beginning of the paving, but the consequences are really serious after a few months.