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What are the advantages of rubber flooring?

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Haishite rubber flooring is designed with imported environmentally friendly raw materials and various colors to make it have special properties such as flame retardant, fire resistance, grease resistance, super slip resistance, sound absorption, antistatic, and superior resilience. We can produce a wide variety of colors.
◆Rubber floor blocks can be produced (round floating point, round floating point flowering, square floating point, square floating point flowering, monochrome plane, plane sanding, hammering pattern, hammering pattern)
◆Rubber floor coil can be produced (monochrome, two-color flower, three-color flower, small floral, composite flower, imitation leather grain, hammering film)
◆Rubber stair step (round floating stair step)
◆Blind road (blind spot, blind strip) baseboard
◆Haishite can customize products of different colors and specifications.
Haishite rubber flooring has the following outstanding advantages:
◆Green environmental protection
"Haishite" brand rubber flooring is made of high-quality natural rubber and synthetic rubber. It has no pollution to the environment, does not contain heavy metals, does not contain PVC, contains no halogen, and burns non-toxic mist. It is a green product.
◆ The same quality, super wear-resistant
The color of the “Haishite” rubber floor is consistent from the inside to the outside, it can withstand the test of time, and it can guarantee long-term durability and stable color.
◆Super flame retardant, fire resistant B1 standard
The “Haishite” rubber floor has been tested by the National Building Materials Testing Center and has reached the highest fire rating B1. Can withstand the "cigarette head" hot and other common nature of corrosion.
◆Super sound absorption performance
The “Haishite” rubber floor has superior sound absorption performance, which absorbs noise and echo to the utmost extent. It has a sound absorption value of 13 decibels through national inspection, which is especially suitable for a quiet working environment.
◆Super slip, safe and reliable
“Haishite” brand rubber floor is made of natural rubber and synthetic rubber, so the product has certain elasticity, which can alleviate the impact force, and because of the characteristics of its raw materials, its surface resistance is particularly large, and its anti-slip effect is other. The ground material can not be compared, the water is more sloppy, lower
Collision damage effectively ensures the safety of people's daily lives.
◆Advanced anti-static performance
In the buildings with modern equipment, the problem of static interference is becoming more and more obvious. Many environments, such as electronic equipment factories, chemical production bases, computer rooms and power plants, have static interference, and “Haishite” rubber flooring can be effective. Divergent static buildup is the best flooring material for static protection.
◆High level of color matching
“Haishite” rubber flooring is rich in color and variety, which can meet the needs of bright colors and beautiful patterns in office buildings, hotel buildings, kindergartens and exhibition halls.
◆ Easy to install and easy to clean
Glue evenly on the back of the base layer and rubber floor to be laid. When the glue is dry, align it one by one and knock it with a rubber hammer. Easy to clean, under normal circumstances, only use water to mop.