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Flooring > Rubber flooring is a floor made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and other polymeric materials. Butylbenzene, high benzene, and butadiene rubber are synthetic rubbers and are products of petroleum. Natural rubber refers to rubber extracted from artificially cultivated rubber trees. Rubber flooring is an environmentally friendly floor because all materials are non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials and polymer environmentally friendly materials.
The biggest advantages of rubber flooring are: 1. Environmental protection 2. Non-slip 3, resistant 4, wear-resistant 5. Sound absorption 6. Antistatic 7. Corrosion resistant 8. Easy to clean
☆ Compared with wood board: flame retardant, waterproof, antistatic, corrosion resistant, easy to clean
☆ Compared with stone: good elasticity, anti-static, relatively simple construction, convenient, time-saving, material saving
☆ Compared with PVC: wear-resistant, non-slip, environmentally friendly, and resistant