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Is the rubber floor the same as the plastic floor?


The biggest difference between plastic floor and rubber floor is that the materials of the two are different.

The biggest difference between plastic floor and rubber floor is that the materials of the two are different.
The main component of the plastic floor is PVC material. At present, the plastic floor is mainly divided into two types. One type is homogenous and the heart is the same. The material of the pattern from the bottom to the surface is the same. Bad or scratched, you can use a sander to grind and re-wax as new. There is also a composite plastic, that is, the top layer is a pure PVC transparent layer (PVC wear resistance is very good) and then the printing layer and the foam layer are added below, so the fire resistance of the composite material is not like quality Translucent material. Plastic flooring is widely used in all aspects of home and business because of its rich colors and diverse colors.
Rubber flooring is a combination of natural rubber or recycled rubber and natural rubber. Because of the strong color absorption of rubber, the coloration of rubber flooring is difficult, so most rubber flooring is relatively single.
At the same time, plastic flooring has the same thing as rubber flooring and rubber floor mats, that is, they can all be made of anti-static flooring. In other words, the anti-static floor may be a plastic floor or a rubber floor. Plastic flooring and rubber flooring are not made of the same material, so they are not the same in terms of construction and maintenance.
The difference between rubber flooring and pvc flooring:
1. The difference of color: Because rubber has strong color absorption, rubber floor coloring is more difficult, most rubber floor color is relatively simple; and PVC floor color is very much, can be arbitrarily combined.
2. Differences in market demand and wear resistance: Because of the high price, rubber flooring is generally used in high-end places or places where wear resistance is extremely high; and PVC flooring is widely used due to its high cost performance. In addition, the rubber floor has stronger wear resistance and is suitable for use in airports, stations, and other places where traffic is heavy, as well as in airplanes, trains, subways, automobiles, ships, and the like.
3. The difficulty of installation is different: the rubber floor is heavy and the installation is more laborious. Moreover, the installation method of the rubber floor is more strict. If the method is not correct, the requirements for the self-leveling foundation are more perfect, otherwise the defects of the base layer will be exaggerated., The PVC floor is light in texture and easy to install.