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How much do you know? Plastic floor construction process and technical requirements


PVC floor material is a new type of light body floor decoration material which is now very popular, also known as "light body material". As the saying goes, "three-point material seven-point pavement", pvc plastic floor as the new darling of the ground paving industry, its paving is required to strictly follow the process requirements and procedures for construction. Beijing William Shun focuses on flexible flooring in 22 years. Today, I will introduce you in detail about the construction process and technical requirements of pvc plastic flooring.
First, the floor test
1. Use temperature and humidity meter to detect temperature and humidity. Indoor temperature and surface temperature should be 15 °C, and should not be applied below 5 °C and above 30 °C. The relative air humidity suitable for construction should be between 20% and 75%.
2. The moisture content of the base layer is measured using a moisture content tester, and the moisture content of the base layer should be less than 3%.
3. The strength of the base layer should not be lower than the requirement of concrete strength C-20, otherwise suitable self-leveling should be used to strengthen the strength.
4. The test results with the hardness tester should be that the surface hardness of the base layer is not less than 1.2 MPa.
5. For the construction of PVC floor materials, the unevenness of the base layer should be less than 2 mm in the range of 2 m ruler.
Second, the floor pretreatment
1. Use a floor grinding machine of more than 1000 watts with appropriate grinding discs to completely polish the floor, remove paint, glue and other residues, raised and loose plots, and empty plots must also be removed.
2. Vacuum the floor with an industrial vacuum cleaner of not less than 2000 watts.
3. For cracks on the floor, stainless steel ribs and polyurethane waterproof adhesive surface can be used to repair quartz sand.