Beijing Hai Shite Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a specialized research and development of rubber flooring products.

About Hite


  In August 2011, Haishite successfully obtained two new patents for rubber flooring, and the production technology of “Hite” brand rubber flooring continued to make new breakthroughs.
In March 2011, CCTV Network Channel interviewed Mr. Li, Chairman of Haishite Company, and fully affirmed the development of Li's rubber flooring business.
In December 2010, Haishite Company and CCTV Network Enterprise Channel teamed up, and “Hite” brand rubber flooring became the partner of CCTV's corporate channel gold booth.
January 2011 Haishite successfully declared 8 national patents. It became the first rubber flooring R&D and production enterprise with the most patents.
In November 2010, the new exhibition hall of Hai Te brand rubber flooring was officially opened.
In October 2010, “Hite” brand nano rubber flooring passed the international authoritative structure and has strong antibacterial performance testing, becoming the first enterprise in China to provide medical antibacterial rubber flooring.
In October 2010, at the invitation of Hebei Province, Haishite Company investigated the investment environment of “Beijing Economic Circle”.
January 2010 Developed nano rubber floor coils with quality standards exceeding European brands, filling the gap in China's rubber flooring market.
In 2009, it signed a hospital project for the large-scale pavement of domestic Hai Te rubber flooring.
In 2008, a new rubber floor R&D and production base was established.
In 2007, Haite Rubber Flooring became the elastic floor material of the Grand Theatre approved by French design master Andrew, and successfully signed the International Grand Theatre project.
In 2006, Hai Te Rubber Floor successfully signed the Beijing Planetarium project to become the preferred rubber floor for domestic museum projects.
In 2005, Hai Te Rubber Floor successfully signed the first airport rubber flooring project Beijing Capital Airport. Formally become an airport rubber flooring supplier.
In 2004, Haite Rubber Flooring became a long-term supplier of marine moisture-proof rubber flooring.
In 2003, Hai Te Rubber Floor successfully signed a contract with Sanhe Power Plant to become a long-term supplier of anti-static rubber flooring.
In 2003, Haite Rubber Flooring qualified to become a supplier of military rubber flooring.
In 2002, the National Natural History Museum paved the use of domestic Hite rubber flooring and it has been used well.
2001 Assisted national agencies to develop national quality standards for rubber flooring.
2000 Signed a rubber flooring project for the Tianjin Motorola plant.
In 1999, the company registered “Hite” brand rubber flooring, and gradually became a well-known brand in China's rubber flooring quality.
In 1998, the first stadium for domestic Hai Te rubber flooring was paved – Shanghai Hongkou Stadium.
In 1998, Haishi Te Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established.
In 1997, Haisite Company developed the first environmentally friendly rubber flooring in China together with the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Since then, it has continuously developed high-standard high-quality rubber flooring with completely independent property rights.